About Me

My name is Alicia Russ, and I’m a certified hypnotherapist, Advanced DNA Theta Healer, and a Reiki Master.

I began my own healing journey late 2019 when I had my first hypnosis session that changed my life in a dramatic way. The following year I knew I wanted to help others as I had been helped, so I became certified in hypnosis last summer.

I still felt a calling for more healing techniques, which led me to ThetaHealing® by chance. Reiki was the last piece I felt would complete my practice.

Each modality has its own unique healing aspects, which I feel can help a larger number of individuals and what they are seeking on their own spiritual path. I am called to do this work and I would be honored to be a small of part of your healing journey to the life you are meant to live.

Love and desire are the spirits wings to great deeds. -Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Kind Words From Clients:

“The experience I had at Wise Soul Hypnotherapy was amazing. It was my first time I opened up to someone in such an environment and the amount of comfort I felt in such a vulnerable state was incredible. I was given light on how I was feeling in the moment, and how I could let myself feel in the future. It was truly, even after over a month of having a session, a beautiful experience. I’m in a great place in my heart and head right now but when the time comes I need healing I will 100% go back. Hopeful and excited.”

– Gabrielle Calabrese