Your subconscious is where all your memories are stored. ThetaHealing® is a technique based in meditation and spiritual philosophy. Its purpose is to help people clear their minds of limiting beliefs that subconsciously undermine us in our goals and state of being.

Through a unique meditation, the practitioner is able to help others reach a “Theta” brain wave state. In this state of being you are opening the channels to release energies that are no longer serving you.

In my ThetaHealing® sessions I will witness the changes being made within clients instantly. Nothing happens in nature without it being witnessed. You have all the answers inside of you; I am simply a conduit of this miraculous healing.

ThetaHealing® FAQ

How many ThetaHealing® sessions are typically needed?

This varies from person to person, but the nature of how ThetaHealing® works allows a lot progress to be made quickly. Some clients notice a significant shift after their first session. For others with deeper belief work internally to address and work through, a few sessions may be ideal.

What Should I Expect During The Session?

Sessions begin with clients granting permission for the practitioner to connect with their energy. Then, the client shares what they would like to work on. If that isn’t clear, I like to begin with asking clients if there was anything about their life they could change right now, what would it be?

From there, a session typically includes an intuitive scan as we move into belief work, and then ultimately healing takes place.

Is ThetaHealing® Specific To A Particular Religion?

No. ThetaHealing® is not a religion, and is open to people of any faith. The core of the work is connecting with the Creator for internal shifts that help us grow.

In-Person Session: 60 minutes $110.00

ThetaHealing Brain Waves chart